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About us

Smart Systems Egypt designs optimal security and safety solutions that secure your business, home, and budget. Our solutions are designed to provide a comprehensive safety net with no single point of failure.

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Our Products

Our portfolio offers a complete line of security products, including IP cameras, security management solutions, facial recognition software, mobile surveillance systems, and more. Our products feature innovative, tested solutions that are designed to meet your security needs.



We have extensive experience and expertise in delivering security solutions that meet the strict specifications and standards set by the Central Bank of Egypt. With a speciality in banking security, we have successfully implemented security systems in over a thousand branches of several banks, including renowned institutions such as CBE, CIB and QNB. Our specialized approach and commitment to quality have established the company as a trusted partner for the banking sector in Egypt.

Ministry of Interior (MOI)

We have also efficiently installed a sophisticated early warning system for the Ministry of Interior (MOI), one of the largest government entities in Egypt. The system comprises of multi-thousand camera installations, complemented by a robust infrastructure.


Our company has successfully implemented advanced security systems for the primary production facility and several branches of Bavaria Egypt, a globally recognized leader in firefighting solutions.

Other clients and sectors

Smart Systems Egypt has also successfully installed a diverse range of systems across various sectors, including the industrial, commercial, and residential industries.


Our Partners