CCTV and Surveillance Solutions

IP cameras
Control centre
AI analytics

Camera built-in high-end storage
Optional cloud video security
Licence plate recognition

Artificial Intelligence & Video Analytics

Facial recognition
Vehicle and object recognition
Intrusion detection
Forensics and statistics
Integration options

Unusual behaviour detection
Phone theft
Unusual traffic
Placed/missing objects
Perimeter detection
tripwires for people and objects
Smoke detection
Integration options

Perimeter detection
AI analytics
Hardware: all-in-one box
Integration options

Public security, retail solutions and corporate solutions
Unusual behaviour detection
Perimeter detection
Object detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS)
Fence, buried and above ground sensors
AI video analytics
Video management

4G transmission and streaming of video footage
Network switches, PoE, PoE+
Ethernet systems
Power supplies, UPS
Mobile surveillance system

WiMax and microwave technology
Smart city solutions
Industrial grade private wireless networks

Access Control

Access control
Smart storage systems and lockers
Key management systems

Access control
Biometric readers
Safes, key boxes, cash boxes
Combination locks, pad locks
Door and window locks

Access control solutions (wired and wireless)
Cards, tokens, readers, panels
Door entry systems
Video surveillance

Through our partners IndigoVision, we offer high quality end-to-end security solutions, with no single point of failure. With IndigoVision’s Control Centre, everything is integrated – whether that’s Access Control or Perimeter Detection, you can see and hear everything. Our network architecture offers flexibility for you to add any number of cameras or workstations. Our solutions are scalable – from enterprise solutions to small-scale solutions for your homes.

AVA’s security systems offer you security cameras with high-end built-in storage for up to 120 days, replacing your NVRs and servers. This saves you storage costs, space, and power consumption. AVA also offer cloud-native video security with built-in AI analytics, allowing you to access all your camera feeds, wherever you are.

Using artificial intelligence, Euklis’ FaRe Hybrid platform performs the detection, classification and authentication of people, vehicles, and objects. The FaRe Hybrid platform performs facial recognition for security, access control and other applications. You can also carry out vehicle recognition by colour or licence plate. The FaRe Hybrid platform offers integration with several partners, including IndigoVision for CCTV solutions, Paxton for access control solutions, and other partners.

InteleXVision’s iSentry platform equips your control room with powerful AI analytics and deep learning algorithms. iSentry learns the usual behaviour for a scene and can detect unusual behaviour such as missing/placed objects, unusual crowds, or unusual traffic behaviour. iSentry can monitor and analyse massive volumes of CCTV footage and provide real-time alerts when detecting out-of-the-ordinary events.

Secury360’s box is equipped with their Edge AI solution, allowing for accurate perimeter detection with zero false alarms. Integrate the box with your existing CCTV system to equip AI analytics to your video. With their cloud-based system, you can receive alerts and alarms directly on your phone, wherever you are. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

NNTC provides you with artificial intelligence and video analytic solutions, which can detect people, vehicles, and zones. Behaviour can be monitored where suspicious events are detected. NNTC’s platforms can also perform visitor counting, employee activity analysis and can provide useful demographics and statistics for your corporation.

Senstar offers a wide range of security solutions, specifically in perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS). Protect your site or infrastructure using high-end intrusion detection sensors integrated with video management and access control software. Senstar’s solutions are used in a variety of industries, including government, transportation, utilities, and commercial enterprises.

KBC specialise in designing and manufacturing industrial transmission, networking, and power solutions for various industries. The company offers solutions that allow transmission and streaming of video footage over 4G networks. They also offer products that are used to provide secure and reliable connectivity for video surveillance, access control, and other critical systems. Products include ethernet switches, wireless solutions, and power supplies.

Wavesight provides sustainable wireless transmission and connectivity solutions through WiMax and microwave technology, allowing you or your enterprise to wirelessly operate in a connected world. Wavesight provides the capability for smart cities, public safety operators, and businesses to create and implement strong and durable communication networks.

Deister Electronic specialises in developing electronic security solutions for access control and asset management. Their portfolio includes key management systems, electronic locker systems to store your valuables, and access control readers and cards. With all-in-one software, you can centrally manage and control all your Deister electronic products.

Burg Wachter offers a wide range of access control systems as well as a variety of safes, combination locks, key cabinets and more. The company also offer biometric readers that use your fingerprints to grant access. Add an extra level of security to your home or enterprise using Burg Wachter’s products.

Paxton offers a wide range of products for access control solutions to secure your building. Choose between wired or wireless access control and door entry systems – all which can be integrated on Paxton’s Net2 System. Net2 allows you to be in full control of your installed systems, where you can carry out actions and triggers, and generate event reports. Integrations are also available with CCTV solutions, intrusion systems and fire alarms.