Indigo Vsion

Smart Systems Egypt always offers the best in the field. That’s why we offer you CCTV solution from Indigo Vision. Enterprise solutions for Enterprises ! Indigo vision also offers medium and small solutions which fulfill all needs.
IP cameras produce high-resolution images that provide greater image detail and accuracy over their analog CCTV counterparts.


Consistent image quality, regardless of distance

Analog video signals become weaker the longer that they have to travel.  Digital images need no conversion and resist degradation over any distance traveled.  And in fully digital IP surveillance systems, digital images are more easily stored and retrieved as opposed to analog video tapes.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Increasing reliability and providing substantial savings, Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables IP cameras to receive power from the very same Ethernet cable that transports the video and audio data.  No separate audio, RS-485, or electric cabling is required.
Ethernet cables on an IP network carry data commands too giving full access to camera settings and system adjustments and even camera functionalities such as pan, tilt, and zoom.


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